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Cheddar cheese is one of the most versatile foods one can keep. Ideal for an after-dinner nibble with a fine whisky, or sandwiched between two pieces of the finest fresh bread in delicious sandwich. How do you enjoy a slice or two? Each London 1856 variety is unique. Whilst all are made to the same 200-year-old recipe, it is the time we leave them to mature that gives each block its own distinct character.

Vintage Cheddar

Aged for up to 500 Days

Our cherished 500-day old Cheddar — the strongest bodied variety. The life of the party this variety is most at home on a sumptuous cheese board. Unapologetic flavor guaranteed.

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Extra Mature Cheddar

Aged for up to 300 Days

Our classic cheddar matured for 300 days for a rounded full-bodied flavor and texture. Steadfast and reliable, but don’t be fooled, this variety is a chameleon and can shine when in the right company.

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Mature Cheddar

Aged for up to 150 Days

Our original, aged for 150 days for a creamy texture and subtle flavor. An ever-popular cheese and a must-have for any good fridge.

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Mild Cheddar

Aged for up to 60 Days

Carefully matured for 60 days, our Mild variety owes its acclaimed silky smooth texture to the watchful eye of our Master Cheese Grader. The youngest in the range, but no shrinking violet, when it comes to a delicate and creamy Cheddar this is always the connoisseur’s choice.

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